Nov 2009
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Buy me a beer!

Good evening kiddos, your favorite blog now has a brand new feature: As I don’t like these PayPal donate buttons you can see on lots of other blogs, I thought of something more creative and funny. If you ever feel an urgent need to say thank you for what I’m doing, just buy me a beer!

As I’m not running this blog in order to get rich but for the love of music, the PayPal button is set to a fixed amount of 2€ (=2,9$, which is approximately how much a beer costs in Austria). I truly appreciate every beer I receive – oh, and always remember:

Drink beer – I’ve never made friends drinking milk.

  • Kish

    haha awesome idea

  • Anonymous

    thanks for what you are doing!

  • Slamer [Unpopular Scenes]

    aww i already bought you a vodka awwww… but i will buy you a beer too XD

  • Anonymous

    jakob what job do you have now that you've graduated?

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Thanks @ Slamer! :)

    In Austria, we've got this thing called civil service: As an adult male, you have to choose to either join the army for half a year or do some social work for 9 months, like working with old or disabled people.

    Also, I earn some money with DJing all over the country on weekends, nice way to earn some extra money.

    Still don't know what to do after civil service, will definitely go to university, though. Nice to see you care, whoever you are…

  • Mac

    Thats Cool. So I'm Assuming you chose to work with disabled or old people. I'm glad we don't have that in America! Btw, Ive got a track that I will be sending your way sometime soon.
    -Mac(I posted the previous Anon question)

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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