Nov 2009
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Inbox Disco

Good morning kiddos, here are some tunes that have been rocking my inbox lately: First in line is BUL!M!ATRON‘s latest track, Cuz Dats Where Da Party At – a massive track featuring simple vocals and a sick synth that will tear dancefloors all over the world to pieces.

Next one is quite an intelligent mash-up: The vocals of I-Robot’s Frau thrown over Fake Blood’s classic Mars, very well produced by Belgish DJ/producer duo Tss. Will definitely play that one out on Friday.
Last but not least there’s an excellent remix by Toronto’s very own Zeds Dead: The Blue Foundation’s Eyes On Fire turned into a smooth and slow dubsteppy track that is quickly growing on me. Definitely a good trip to listen to, especially if you’re in the right mood. Totally in love with it at the moment…