Dec 2009
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Hiya kiddos, look what Dim Mak Records just sent over to me: A full, clean copy of Warp 1977 featuring Steve Aoki and Boberman (= Bob Rifo) – no cheap set rip or live recording. One, two, three, mothafuckaaaaa.
* temporarily removed by request *

Here’s what Dim Mak Records have to say:

“Hey Guys-

I want to apologize for any miscommunication regarding “Warp 1977”. This track if for STREAMING only. Please do not re-host this track for download.”

  • lorenz

    Hut zieh und niederknie 😉



  • nurrd

    192kbs? either way too huge!! =)

  • Linny.


  • Anonymous

    Yeah it still isn't 320kbs though…

  • Leland

    Call me when you get 320. 😛

  • Anonymous

    stfu 320kb nerds :]

  • Lance Dior

    Please re-post when 320 is out

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Not gonna happen, don't think Dim Mak Records will give away a 320k – and I won't either, don't want my blog shut down for DMCA infringements…

  • castlesofnoise

    lol dont think the dmca is gonna shut your whole blog down dude…. they sure wont be happy tho!

    hell im not complaining….

  • Anonymous

    so good

  • Anonymous

    still distorted annoying aoki-screams, huh? 😀 NICEEEEE

  • Anonymous

    They wouldn't be distorted aoki screams if this was 320k or more but as said before, can't expect too many free traks from dim mak 😀

  • Anonymous

    320's get posted all the time, and the blogs are still running. I think your a joke claiming dim mak just sent it to you and now its been removed. get your bs story right and let the few followers of this blog know when you are gonna come through. talk is cheap mothafuckaaaaaaa.

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Oh boy, thanks for reminding me to introduce some security captchas to make sure you have at least an IQ of 75 in order to post comments.

    I honestly don't know why anyone would visit a blog just to leave a stupid comment, talking about things they have no idea of. Hoever, if I'd tell you that Steve Aoki personally wrote me to take this down until Tuesday, you wouldn't believe it.

  • jake


  • Freak When See

    owned 😛

  • joe

    beginning to this song eerily similar to this crystal castles remix….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXzi93yJz1I

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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