Dec 2009
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Break The House Down

Friday: Party with Adam Freeland.
Saturday: Party with Boys Noize.
  • lorenz

    Saturday: Party with Boys Noize. You are a very very lucky guy 😉


    Hope ur mexico trip went w/o a hitch.

    Break the house down[integrals remix] is awesome. I like it way more than the original which is okay if you just into house music but not for an electro head like moi.

    Thx disco demon for introducing me to the integrals & disco villians via human after all remix.

    Unfortunately the recent remix that you posted in light in electro sound for me vs their older stuff. Not as good.


    When listening to polymorphic mixtape recently posted on his myspace, I fell for one track: “push that system[lazy Rich remix]”.

    It was an amazing song & it turns out lazy rich[odd name] is an UK DJ/prod based in Vancouver doing electro house. Now his sound is definitely harder but slightly dancy/housy ie mashed paper klub meets nt89. More for guys ie not girly house music.

    If you like his remix , you will like yenn remix as well but it is annoying bec he has obama speaking in backgrounds[yes we can] which I found distracting.

    I am surprised that someone from vancouver would have this hard/aggressive sound. Thought lazy rich was from belgium & I am from toronto.

    So thx to polymorphic for an amazing mixtape & for introducing me to lazy rich.

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  • Louie

    DISCO VILLAINS will be in toronto this jan 23rd at The Social Bar.