Jan 2010
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Hiya kiddos, I’m taking two weeks off for a short trip to Guadalajara, México. I also plan to visit Sayulita and Guanajuato, so hit me up if you’re somewhere near. I should be back in Austria on January 24, so don’t expect any new blog posts until then (only exception: Daft Punk releasing a new album, I would kill for internet connection in that case). Hope you’re all well, take care!

  • Anonymous

    ooohh man the girls in guadalajara are the best in mexico..(so its said!)
    and you got to try the tequilla in guadalajara…there are some really good shops to buys som bottles!
    enjoy the trip!

  • Unpopular Scenes [Slamer]

    where do you know, that they want to release a new album? omgg!!!!!!!!

  • ni4e

    OR MI CEL 3312550483

  • AtomTech

    New Album s00n? Gah Hopefully in time for the WMC eh?

  • Noe

    Tequila and girls, thats guadalajara. Im from mexico city. Enjoy your trip

  • Carlos Lopez

    hey man i'm from guadalajara, also i'm a architecture student in puerto vallarta near to sayulita, actualy i'm in guadalajara taking a brake for the school, let me now if u still here: carlillos360@hotmail.com

  • Iam

    Was just in Cabo! So beautiful! Enjoy!

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  • Anonymous

    Govern your thoughts when alone, and your tongue when in company...................................................

  • Anonymous

    i want pizza

  • Anonymous

    hi man if come to sayulita dont forget to go to pto vallarta jalisco its 40 minutes from Sayulita..im a dj in a club..
    i play all weekends..ythis is my mail if you want more information