Jan 2010
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Back from México

Hey kiddos, I’m back from México. After an entire day in bed, I just spent hours reading almost 1000 emails (not joking), sorting out the best music I’ve received in more than two weeks. There were dozens of track I really enjoyed, but I cut the list down to some favourites:

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon a particular email: Being only two weeks away from my MacBook, guess what happens? Danger releases a new EP, giving away a full track in 320k quality to bloggers. I like the pan flutes.
Remember when I was joking about Daft Punk releasing an album while I’m away? Obviously, they haven’t, but I can offer a nice upbeat disco-esque remix of Technologic.
Next one in line is a massive remix of Missy Elliot’s Pass That Dutch by Figure, up and coming producer from Louisville, featuring a minute from the original track. Run for cover!
Huge and nasty tech-house banger, exactly what you’d expect when SonicC put their remix fingerprints all over Sharooz :
Slow, atmospherical track featuring an amazing female voice reminding me of Adam Freeland’s Supernatural Thing. Haven’t heard of Billie Ray Martin before (shame on me), but this track is already one of my favourites at the moment, give it a listen!
Weird but catchy remix of M.I.A.’s new song. Not sure what genre or niche to put that one in, somewhere between pop and dubstep I guess, but somehow it got stuck in my head after the first listen. Beware, it’s highly addicting.
I’m not a big fan of mash-ups in general, but some are just too funny to keep them for myself: Alphabeat + The Beastie Boys = Intergalactic Spell, one of the best (and funniest) mash-ups I’ve heard lately:
I love sweep synths. If you do too, you should download Cosmo Black’s bootleg remix of PNAU’s With You Forever, a soft and chilled trip to space.
Last but definitely not least: LAZRtag’s latest track, an evil DJ weapon for packed, sweaty dancefloors. You can still get some sleep tomorrow.