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Disco Demons – January 2010 Promo Mix

After months of waiting, I finally forced myself to record a new promo mix. It’s packed with the latest tracks from my favourite artists, including unreleased and exclusive tracks – the ULTRNX remix of the A.G.Trio track Dancen will be exclusively premiered on Disco Demons on Friday. The whole mixtape is available for streaming and download on Soundcloud. Certainly a lot harder than you might expect, this mix deserves to be played out loud!

1. Honorebel feat Pitbull & Jump Smokers – Now You See It (Benny Benassi Dub Remix)
2. Waxdolls – Chips
3. The Subs – Mitsubitchi (Original Mix)
4. A.G.Trio – Dancen (ULTRNX Remix) [unreleased]
5. Vitalic – Chicken Lady
6. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok
7. Congorock – Babylon [unreleased]
8. Afrojack – Funk The Streets
9. Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Blau!
10. LAZRtag – Never Gonna Stop
11. Laidback Luke – Break The House Down (The Integrals Remix)
12. Something A La Mode – 5AM (Valerna Remix)

  • Anonymous

    nothing against you…but this music genre is so 2008…low bugdet kinda hard house; every track sounds equal, sorry. generation blog need quality tunes!

    nix mix btw! laptop dj?

  • Sasa

    I still don't understand why someone always needs to be on the cutting edge to make a mix…
    Most of the tracks are fairly new, so maybe someone should tell the artists their tracks sound like 2008. And they all would be like "omg i wanted it to sound like 1970, damn…"
    I guess "so 2010" would sound like Fidget House or whatever genre name some retards came up with…

    Anyway, nice mix und immer weiter so 😉

  • Jakob

    Anonymous, calling Vitalic "low bugdet kinda hard house" is insane. Also, if every track sounds equal to you here, I'm honestly sorry for you.

    Thanks, Sasa.

  • Anonymous

    @jakob: lol, you're right. vitalic is the light on the end of the tunnel.

    but you know what i mean? MOSTLY the same synths in all of the tracks, same build up. this gerne needs some freshness. looking forward to the future (justice, daft, chemicalbros 2010). in the beginning i also liked that kind of genre but with the years it's just annoying; no innovation just quantity mostly no quality.
    btw: nothing against you and your mixing skills (if you mix by yourself). keep it up with that nice blog. greetz from .at

  • Jakob

    Yeah, I understand your point, and I do agree that electronic music (even in general) needs some new pioneers (as Justice were back then), but I don't think that you can count on Justice in 2010, innovation-wise, broad-minded artists like Diplo might be a better guess.

    Thanks for the blog love, and yes, I do mix by myself. Greetz back from .at :)

  • lorenz

    Komisch also ich find gerade "Babylon" als bsp sehr innovativ… und ich würde auch nicht gleich die ganze szene über einen haufen werfen… ich denke dieses jahr werden einige neue/kleinere artists auf sich aufmerksam machen… Und ich schließe mich jakob an, Justice seh ich da nicht so weit vorne… aber naja ist ja dein kopf und deine meinung ^^ bis dann 😉

  • Anonymous

    yes, diplo (the whole major lazer thing) is quite interesting and of course there are some guys (in this genre; what's the name of it :S?) who drop intelligent tunes to this world. but i think (especially this whole remix thing): everbody can do a remix nowadays -> and you can hear this in 85% of the tracks which are crap.
    justice announced that 2010 they will release a new album and i'm looking forward to this. THE banger of the year will be the of course the new chemical brothers album they had already finished (=quality music). yeaay!

  • Jakob

    The Chemical Brothers' music has always been an inspiration for the whole scene, they were one of the few artists that got me into electronic dance music in the first place. Didn't know they have an album in the making, their last release was a huge disappointment ("Brotherhood", compilation of old tracks).

    About that remix thing: Check my post concerning the MGMT "remix" I did for The Hype Machine. :)

  • Anonymous

    yes, the brothers have already finished a new album (still mastering it). you can follow them on twitter (or in their forum). tom also released a new dj set two weeks ago (very psychadelic). for brotherhood: that "album" was for chemical newbies, who saw them live for the first time and didn't know, who they are or something like that. but i liked disc2 (10 electronic battle weapons) a lot.

    will check out "the remix thing" ^^

  • Sasa

    yup, the electronic battle weapons were awesome. just raw…

  • NewjacK

    Great mix man.