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Armand van Helden

Before I started writing these lines, I spent almost ten minutes considering whether to post up this remix – or to permanentely delete it from my hard drive. In my opinion, David Guetta gives the whole electronic music scene a bad name, so I definitely do not want to hype his music. However, this remix by Armand van Helden is too good to keep it just for me, plus I got a 320kbps to give away for free: So here I am, promoting David Guetta and Kid Cudi. Shame on me.

By the way, I attached a pic of Armand van Helden we took in my living room earlier today. Sorry about the mess, haven’t gotten around to clean up in days. Before you ask: I have no idea why Steve Aoki is sitting on the floor.


David Guetta – Memories (Armand van Helden Remix)

  • http://www.deadlypeople.co.uk Andrew Foggin

    Armand giving this Guetta tune a good make-over.
    May 2nd 2010, The Coronet Theatre, Elephant and Castle, London.
    Tickets £17 from ticketweb!!

  • double standard?

    i’m not sure how you can knock guetta after posting a pretty cheesy remix of pon de floor…
    personally, i think memories is a great pop song and is also pretty well produced. point is: it doesn’t do any good to hate on music just because it’s popular. if anything, guetta draws more people into the dance music scene. while they initially may be going up to the DJ requesting sexy bitch, they also might be jammin out to nadastrom a few months later.
    just my two cents…

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  • http://www.twitter.com/bobbygzus BobbyGzus

    Glad you reconsidered as AVH ripped this song to shreds!!!! This is a phenom rework!! THANKS

  • http://www.myspace.com/ayso Ayso

    I have to completely agree with “Double Standard?” up there. nice post nonetheless

  • http://twitter.com/captarschkarte Psychofrakulator

    Great remix, that’s for sure!
    Well, your opinion about Guetta is defiintely questionable. I just got no idea why since the beginning of techno music and its millions of subgenres, it has always been cool to hate on producers and acts who managed to sell their records to a wide audience and get airplay on the radio. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it, especially because David Guetta’s more poppy tunes are MUCH more enjoyable and credible than whatever Lady Gaga does. She is the one who gives the whole electronic music scene a bad name.

  • Guetta??

    I’m not sure about Guetta…..hes ‘kind of’ a sell out.
    What I found funny was after Memories (original) he comes out with his Memories (guetta’s fuck me I’m famous remix) which is actually a sick progressive song, but its not going to make the $$$$.

    love the pic of armand and aoki.

  • Jairo

    Is that really your living room?

  • Miss T

    Discodemon, you are funny…lmao. Not a member here, but did like your post…=P
    You can always mail me, on my mail..xo

  • Fiedler


    haha, Lady GaGa is Pop, new age Pop for that matter. Yea the beats are more clubbier than past stuff done by “Pop” artists, but I wouldn’t even remotely compare her to David Guetta at all, who I consider to be primarily a Club / House / Electro DJ and Artist. Don’t confuse the unwise just because you dislike Gaga….

    oh!! and btw…


  • http://www.audiotripdjs.wordpress.com Eric

    AVH is a legend, and IMO much more enjoyable overall than Guetta… However this remix SUCKS.

  • http://twitter.com/captarschkarte Psychofrakulator

    @Fiedler I agree with you, but the problem is that the rest of the world seems to think that Lady Gaga is representative of what’s played in the clubs and dance music in general. (Didn’t she just won a Grammy for “Best Dance Album” or something?) So if I had to chose between letting the world think that the electronic music scene is what David Guetta does or what Lady Gaga does, I woul pick Guetta!

  • Fiedler

    @ Psychofrakulator Touche! I totally agree with you on that! I actually had no clue she won a Grammy for “Best Dance Album” though?? I don’t really watch the award shows anymore to tell you the truth….

  • Spammer

    David guetta… a bad name…

    dude u r not right… he is the god of electronic music… act normal please….

  • nanotek

    This is a very good remix. I’m sad that u don’t like guetta. I’m a techno dj and thanks to guetta I start to like house and more commercial songs.
    Hope you don’t waste this track

  • http://djrunkenremixes.blogspot.com/ Dj Runken

    So Fucking Great Remix Work :)

  • dj esfinge

    thanks for a great work……………………

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