May 2010
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Super Commodore

To be honest, I’ve stopped wondering about why there is so much excellent electronic music coming my way from France a long time ago. Sure, the scene is much more distinctive there thanks to some pioneers whose names you can guess, but there has to be a reason why almost every third or fourth music submission that does not make me want to throw up comes from the France. I do have a theory involving excessive consume of fromage de roquefort, but I haven’t been able to scientifically prove that yet.

Loosely tied to the Ed Banger posse, up and coming Parisian producer Super Commodore is definitely one of the most promising artists to keep an eye on at the moment: What might sound like Chromeo in the beginning turns out to be a full-scale synth mayhem that one could easily take for an unreleased Kavinsky track (Why am I constantly comparing everything to Kavinsky recently?), at least until the moment where the catchy Salt n Pepa Push It vocals kick in and make even the last sceptic spastically spill his beer all over the frantic crowd and start bending and twisting his extremities to the sound of banging compressed kick drums.

Super Commodore – Making My Day (“Push It” Mash Up)