Jun 2010
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I’m not gonna waste my time (and yours) trying to explain how pleased I was to see this gem in my inbox, how I immediately fell in love with it, how it totally made my day, how it made me dancing in front of my MacBook (in fact, I still am), how I’ve been listening to it about ten times in a row, how I’m listening and dancing again, as I’m typing, how the drop at about 2:00 is killing me again and again and how it makes me want to see the Chemical Brothers live right now. I promise, I wont.

[audio:http://www.discodemons.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2010/06/Swoon%20(Blaze%20Tripp%20Remix).mp3|titles=Swoon (Blaze Tripp Remix)]

The Chemical Brother – Swoon (Blaze Tripp Remix)

[audio:http://www.discodemons.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2010/06/Vibrate%20(The%20Bloody%20Beetroots%20Remix).mp3|titles= Vibrate (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)]

Bonus: Proxy – Vibrate (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)