Aug 2010
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Paris + Giveaway

Once again, Friday has finally arrived, making up for an exhausting week that kept dragging along for too long now. I spontaneously decided to take a week off, so I’m saying goodbye to Austria after playing a final show on Saturday, and will be staying in Paris, France until Friday next week, then heading to Luzern, Switzerland to DJ a party at the Grand Casino there. I’m travelling via Munich, Germany, so if anyone wants to say hi or have a beer, just drop me a comment or send me an email.

As this means no new music until Sunday, August 15, I came up with an adequate compensation: I’m giving away loads of goodies, including T-shirts and vinyl records. More details on how to get your hands on these giveaways after the jump, just click “Continue Reading” below…

In order to participate in the giveaway madness, just send me an email at discodemons@gmail.com , subject line PARIS – also make sure to let me know which one of the following goodies you want.

First in line I have three exlusive T-shirts designed by Professor Green, brought to you by Topman CTRL, a monthly series of UK gigs in which some of the most innovative and emerging musical talent take control online and reveal their influences and inspiration that make up their musical DNA. Don’t miss your chance to get one of only 50 T-shirts made, money can’t buy these.

Next one’s a special gift from Etage Noir Recordings: Parov Stelar’s latest The Phantom EP, a unique fusion of jazz and electronic dance music, including a B-side remix of the maestro himself.  I have two of these to give away to all you vinyl fetishist out there, just let me know.

Last but certainly not least I have in stock two funky T-shirts, thanks to the amazing A.G.Trio – get your own to glow and sparkle in the disco spotlight. Dial D For Disco, girls, size: Small. Real Ravers Rescue, boys, size: Medium. Please be sensible and only participate if the T-shirts fit you!