Sep 2010
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Today I was facing a tough decision concerning what to share on my blog, as I could’ve posted up Don Diablo’s latest bootleg remix for Moby’s 1994 rave classic Feeling So Real which would’ve guaranteed a few thousand new incoming visitors by quickly rocketing up to astronomic heights in the Hypem charts .

Instead, I chose an amazingly beautiful piece of music that I found in my SoundCloud dropbox last night and have had on constant repeat from 8.24pm, yesterday onwards (with a short interruption in order to give said Don Diablo remix a listen, of course) – I’m still listening as I’m typing. Some of you might recgonize it, as we’re talking about a remix of Hans Zimmer’s excellent soundtrack for Chris Nolan’s latest motion picture Inception here (those of you who haven’t heard the original are strongly entrusted to give it a listen!). After watching the movie, Hungarian producer Peter Bergmann, better known as We Plants Are Happy Plants, sat down in a flurry of inspiration and created his own take of Time, the closing piece of the movie’s soundtrack.

It sure takes a hell of a producer to touch up a perfect masterpiece like Time and find some space for improvement – I’m reverently raising my hat to this genius here. The masterly arrangement of dramatic piano melodies, epic orchestra soundscapes and driving drum rolls left me speechless after the first listen. This is certainly one of the best works I’ve heard in a long time.

Hans Zimmer – Time (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

As this is an unauthorised bootleg remix, I’m unfortunately not allowed to share a download link for the mp3 file, so the player is set to streaming-only. You might also want you can check out WPAHP’s Apollo on iTunes. For those of you who are more in the banger-mood today, here‘s the Don Diable remix I was talking about.