Nov 2010
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Guess who’s back

Of course I could tell you all how busy I was the past few weeks, how many shows I’ve been playing, what other projects I’m working on at the moment and how honoured I felt because of all the emails asking me what has happened to me, but as this blog’s inital purpose is not to broadcast my own life but to share sick tunes, let’s just cut the crap. After an entire month of abscence (with only a few sporadical blog posts) I’m 110% back. Period.

As you know, the winners of the Haezer Remix Contest are still to be announced. In the meantime, I’ve been playing a show with Haezer (and Cyberpunkers, sick dudes) in Italy, and we finally picked our favorite – which I’m presenting tomorrow evening, stay tuned!

As this is supposed to be a music blog, here’s a little musical contribution for tonight, a track that I’ve been literally playing up and down over the past few weeks. Bassline madness!

Porter Robinson – Say My Name (Original Mix)