Nov 2010
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Get The Fuck Up

Yup, I’m exactly 11 days late on this – but hey, now at least I know what’s been in the mysterious zip file with the ominous name MHTRSH06 that has been lurking around my desktop for said 11 days: It’s Noize Generation‘s latest release Get The Fuck Up, a banging track with a hefty remix package by the likes of Edu K, Haezer, Shaved Monkeys and last but certainly not least F.O.O.L – whose remix I’m proud to present you now, better late than never. (Just take a wet towel and wipe off the dust, I promise you it’s still good).

[audio:http://www.discodemons.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2010/11/Get%20The%20Fuck%20Up%20(F.O.O.L.%20Remix).mp3|titles=Get The Fuck Up (F.O.O.L. Remix)]

Noize Generation – Get The Fuck Up (F.O.O.L. Remix)