Nov 2010
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Toxic Avenger

Here’s another gem I’ve been sitting on for a few days now, but as it’s been officialy released on Monday, I think it’s safe to post it by now. (However, if you are in any way associated with the record label / management in charge and are super pissed now, please let me know and I’ll take down the link immediately).

Anyway, The Toxic Avenger (whom I adore for his Ladytron remix) has recently released a preface to his upcoming album: an EP titled Angst:One, featuring Someting A La Mode and remixes by Kid 606 and Black Strobe. Especially the second version of the main theme, featuring french string wizzards Something A La Mode (whom I, on the other hand, adore for their amazing track Rondo Parisiano – featuring Karl Lagerfeld) is more than just an aperitive to the album.

[audio:http://www.discodemons.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2010/11/ANGST%20ONE%20(feat.%20Something%20A%20La%20Mode).mp3|titles=ANGST:ONE (feat. Something A La Mode)]

The Toxic Avenger – ANGST:ONE (feat. Something A La Mode)