Jan 2011
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Scary Monsters 2.0

Here’s a quick refix my buddy Audiolook and me did last night. To make things crystal clear and avoid any confusion: we just added the instrumental intro (and outro) in order to make this amazing remix sound even more epic and give this sick drop the prelude it deserves.

The main part remains completely unchanged, full credits therefore go to Zedd for the incredible remix of Skrilly’s dubstep anthem Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (support the scene and buy the release on Beatport!). Special thanks to Orangutanklaus, Stefan H. and Michael K. for being awesome.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix – Disco Demons & Audiolook Edit)

  • jr_ginja


  • dyudjesveet44

    dude can you get tabs on this?

  • k9ordon

    hard choir!11!

  • OneLife

    Yeach!!! <3;*

  • http://www.vndlsm.net wadewest

    i dunno mang, the zedd remix alone completely turns srkillex’s track into another generic song that sounds like many tracks we’ve heard all before. your intro doesn’t do it any justice,

  • James

    how do I get my hands on this version with the piano intro??!?!?!?!?