Feb 2011
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Peacy Treaty

Dim Mak tossed me a filthy monster tonight, kickstarting me out of bed as soon as I unsuspectingly opened the email tomorrow morning: Having remixed Dada Life’s latest single White Noise / Red Meat, Steve Aoki’s latest signing Peacy Treaty are already ripping up things as is right and proper, releasing their debut EP Cal State Anthem with names such as Sharooz, Cold Blank, Valerna, LAZRtag and Religion on the remix front.

With lots of early DJ love coming from the likes of Deadmau5,  Afrojack, Wolfgang Gartner and Bart B More, Dim Mak Records are definitely in the mood to party and generously gave me the LARZtag remix to give away for free. Certainly aiming at huge und packed dancefloors, this track is a loud and aggressive DJ weapon you shouldn’t let your children play with!

[audio:http://www.discodemons.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2011/02/Cal%20State%20Anthem%20ft.%20Kissed%20With%20a%20Noise%20(LAZRtag%20Remix).mp3|titles=Cal State Anthem feat. Kissed With A Noise (LAZRtag Remix)]

Peacy Treaty – Cal State Anthem feat. Kissed With A Noise (LAZRtag Remix)