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Hangover Sessions #02

The second issue of Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions brings some thoughts about DJ mixes in general, singles with nearly unhealthy amounts of remixes and the latest electro pop trends. And of course: One hour of excellent music.

Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions is a series of monthly dj mixes. For one hour Aka spins the tracks that he loved most, that influenced him or about that he really had to say some words during the last few weeks. Every mix is accompanied by an article on discodemons.net in which he is disclosing thoughts, stories and anecdotes about that mix.

Aka Tell is a member of the electro house act A.G.Trio. Together with Andy Korg he heads the austrian electro house label Etage Noir Special. He has been active as a DJ for more than 10 years. Aka Tell lives in Vienna, Austria.

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The second is the most difficult one. I guess what they say about albums might also be true for monthly dj-mixes combined with articles (Google did not help out with any facts here). While last month I just started and told some nice stories, this month I really had to think about where this should go.

It´s not that there is not enough good music out there: Although people keep whining that everything was better years ago I embrace (nearly) every latest trend in dance music and my “shortlist” for this mix was at least three times longer than the actual mix. The rules I set to myself, however, stay: one hour with great music from the last few weeks. One hour to keep it tight and to force myself to reduce to essentials. “The last few weeks” is not defined too precisely: It´s more about the moment something came to my attention or when i started to like something (some tracks need some time to find their way into my heart or my feet). When it comes to track selection, however: Do I go for the tracks that fit best into the mix or do I choose the ones I can write some interesting about? As more people rather listen to the mix than read this article (no surprise here) and as a DJ mix always is a demo for “what I would do in a club”, I decided to go for a proper track selection here while keeping the option to write about music that I actually did not feature in my mix. One hour demo mixes still don’t ever tell you anything about what a DJ is actually capable of doing in a club. Having some experience in doing bookings for venues one of the things I learned first was that there are only few things you can read out of a demo mix. No surprise here. You would definitely not book a DJ who does bad mixes and plays music you can not stand on the mix CD he gave to you. But there are bad demos by people who are actually great DJs when they are in front of people – as they just cannot handle the medium “demo mix”. And, of course, everybody knows great demo mixes by DJs that are not capable of handling a crowd for real. Live DJing and DJing at home are very different things. So I decided to try to make mixes that you can listen to at home, in the car or on your iPod when you´re out in town. The latest interesting club music and smooth transitions (heavy effects do only work in the club in my opinion) compressed to one hour (so no long build-ups) with some heavy dancefloor feeling for everydays life.

The latest trend to do single releases with a gazillion of remixes came to a new climax with releases such as PeaceTreaty´s “Cal State Anthem” on Dim Mak (2 original tracks, 13 remixes) or Ira Atari´s “Don´t Wanna Miss You” on Audiolith (2 original tracks, 19 remixes). For my part I find it exhausting to listen to tracks with the same sounds and samples over and over again. Although it´s completely understandable why it´s done like that – something for everyone and maximum promotional effect – I do not appreciate it as a consumer. And although it´s always great to be featured on such labels I am not sure if this is the right kind of appreciation of an artists work. Of course, everyone can decide freely and there´s no harm done here. As long as there are such great remixes included like those by LAZRtag or Cold Blank on the Dim Mak release there’s nobody to be blamed. By the way: I did not include those great remixes in my set as they were already featured in this months DJ mixes by Disco Demons and The Shit is coming home – as we have pretty much the same fanbase here in Austria I did not want to bore anybody.
A track I included although it was already featured (in different versions) in both mentioned mixes, is the Cyberpunker´s “Fuck The System”. It’s not just that this track is one of most important ones of this year so far – I also have to mention the shocking video. The importance of this track does not so much lie within the track itself (which I still like) but rather in it´s message or non-message. Do we believe in this attempt of social criticism or is it just a mere straining after effect? Most recipients won´t care – and those who do can read the upcoming interview with the Cyberpunkers here on discodemons.net.

Mustard Pimp did the track “Money Shot” together with Mindles Self Indulgence frontman Jimmy Urine. Togeter with TAI´s “Big Bass Drum” and “The Face of the Planet” by The Subs it forms a trinity of great vocal electro pop tracks I discovered recently. I have to admit I really like this vocal trend, although it´s sometimes a bit difficult on the dancefloor. You have to use it carefully. (vlt einfach Handle with care.)

Besides as expected quality work by Cold Blank or Belzebass (who did so many remixes lately that it was hard to decide which I should take) I included tracks by (up)coming artists like The Integrals or Andy´s iLL – both already well known to insiders, I expect them to do the big jump to fame soon.

TAIBig Bass Drum
Mustard Pimp with Jimmy UrineMoney Shot
The STakedown
ZeddAutonomy (Cold Blank Remix)
ChappoCome Home (Mustard Pimp Remix)
Ira AtariDon´t Wanna Miss You (A.G.Trio Remix)
Boys Noize & HousemeisterSaturday
Tom DeluxxRun (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
Noize GenerationMonster (The Integrals Remix)
The BoomzersRowentah (Belzebass Remix)
PandamicPhrantic (Vakkuum Remix)
You Killing MeHey! (The Boomzers Remix)
Your Ol´ LadyNightmare (Andy´s iLL Remix)
CyberpunkersFuck The System (Fukkk Offf Remix)
Fresh FoolishStill Miss (Belzebass Remix)


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