Mar 2011
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Phinz #2

Remember Phinz, an awesome guy from Austria? In case you don’t, here’s a brief memory aid: Somewhere between Kavinsky and Atari Disco, this dude is creating amazing retro tunes that make you feel like Super Mario and Luigi rocking a Nintendo 64. With heavy blog support and airplay on BBC Radio One (check his SoundCloud for a radio rip of Annie Nightingale dropping his tune Text To Speech), Phinz is certainly a name to keep an eye on.

However, said awesome guy just released a new amazing retro tune called Giana’s Revenge that teleports you straight behind the wheel of a roaring 1989 Firebird racing through a silent desert night. Amazing retro synths, huge drum runs in the background and dramatic piano chords make this track a real standout.

[audio:http://discodemons.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Giana’s%20Revenge.mp3|titles=Giana’s Revenge]

Phinz - Giana’s Revenge