Apr 2011
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Guano Apes x Pelussje

“I’ve got the snowboard under my feet
I can fly so high, I can fall so deep
But who do I see comin’ up the track
A little green man with the snowboard on his back”

This brand new Pelussje remix of Guano Apes’ boarder anthem Lords Of The Boards is quite special to us as it reminds us of our youth, listening to the original track over and over again out in the cold with earphones on while riding down snowy mountains in the Alps. But now we’re grown up and prefer to bang our heads to electronic dance music rather than rock songs, so here’s the perfect dubstep replacement for this!

By the way, everyone who happens to be around Italy this weekend: Come out to Bressanone and party with us and Pelussje at the I Love Electro festival!

Lords of the Boards (Guano Apes) – Pelussje Japan aiREBOOT