Jun 2011
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This Is The New Shit

In all the years of DJing, I’ve not only met lots of amazing people but also learnt one important thing: electronic dance music in all its facets is the place where all roads meet – and in the end of the day night, we’re all just human beings – making other human beings dance. Having said this, it’s time to cut the Sunday philosophies and and turn up your speakers:

If you’ve been following Disco Demons for a while, chances are high you already know my fellow compatriot Dom, better known as Krool Kickz, as I featured one of his first mixes back a year ago. In the meantime, lots of things have changed and he’s not only running an up and coming label called Dreieck Records (check it out if you haven’t!) but also recently released his debut remix that can only two words can describe appropriately: death electro. No one less than Marilyn Manson has lend the vocals for this banging remix, and all I can do is agree: This Is The New Shit!

Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (Krool Kickz Remix)