Jun 2011
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Optimus Prime

Seeing talented artists getting the attention they deserve is one of the best things to happen in the music blogosphere. Seeing talented artists who happen to be friends of mine getting the attention they deserve is even better.

I honestly think there’s no more need for introduction, so let’s cut this down to the hard facts: Beef Theatre, one of the names to watch in 2011 (preferrably from a safe distance, though), have released their banging debut EP titled Optimus Prime on Mähtrasher Records yesterday, featuring four(!) incredible original tracks as well as killer remixes by the likes of Dead Cat Bounce, Noize Generation and Kisbeat. If you like what you hear (and I promise you will!), show some love to an upcoming artist and get the EP on Beatport!

(You can also post a heart on their Facebook wall alternatively.)

Beef Theatre – Optimus Prime EP Teaser (Mähtrasher Rec.)