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Hangover Sessions #06

The sixth “Hangover Sessions” mix by Aka Tell means that this has been going own for half a year now. But instead of already looking back this months mix is again filled with the latest trends and bangers for this summers dancefloors.

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Summer festivals have their very own rules. Not just for the people who go there (and yes, nobody likes beer from plastic cups) but especially also for the artists. If you have seen the same DJ spinnin` in a club and at a festival you will probably notice it within short time. For example: whereas in a club a DJ might play the latest tracks of his genre in a varied selection, he would mainly play his own releases and some risk-free bangers in a festival set. Festival gigs are commonly handled like concerts as preselected showcases. And of course, as it is hard to “read” the audience when tenthousands are screaming when you enter the stage and you are miles away from the “dancefloor” this might be the logical thing. But in recently I have also observed festival DJ sets that worked for a big audience AND were interesting. You just have to try ;).

This months mix features some tracks I really dig. For example Housemeister´s “Summer” which is my opening track. It´s one of the tracks on his excellent album “Music is awesome” and to be honest, when I first listened to the album this track did not get too much of my attention. Maybe just because I was looking for banger tracks at this time. When my colleague DJ Len talked to me about the album and specifically this track I listened to it again – and yeah: perfect opener!
Keatch & Felix Cartal released another EP this week and although I still prefer Felix´s solo tracks this one will definitely be part of my sets this summer.
I have been looking forward to the release of the new Mumbai Science track “Lotus” for quite some time now, as previews were around the net for weeks already. Now it´s finally here, and it´s another proof of how awesome Mumbai Science are.
With “Ion” by D.I.M. and TAI my monthly Boys Noize Records Track comes into play. It´s impressive how Boysnoize Records/BNR Trax have shaped a very own sound with their releases in the last few months that not only influences many DJ sets – like mine – but also the whole sound of now.
Mendoza is a new artist on the Audiolith label. I find it very interesting how they are successfully developing such a diversified roster. This time the less-punk-still-dirty side of the force is strong.
The Stereo Heroes made a good catch with the Le Castle Vania remix for their “Wild Child” release. Not only that I am a big Le Castle Vania fan for years – he was amongst the first U.S. artists from the young Nu Electro generation I got to know – this remix is also first class again.
My “discovery” of the month is from Vienna. We Are Prostitutez deliver one of this months bangers with “Up&Down”. I only knew these guys as DJ´s and promoters before (and I don´t know them in person) but when they posted this track a few weeks ago I was stunned. I really hope they get signed to one of the big labels with this, they earn it!
And yeah, a rave track for the home stretch: “Move It!” by Hot Pink Delorean might be one of this summers hymns. Of course, everybody has known this synth for ages, but anyway, I like this track.

Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions is a series of monthly dj mixes. For one hour Aka spins the tracks that he loved most, that influenced him or about that he really had to say some words during the last few weeks. Every mix is accompanied by an article on discodemons.net in which he is disclosing thoughts, stories and anecdotes about that mix, the last month and DJing in general.
Aka Tell is a member of the electro house act A.G.Trio. Together with Andy Korg he heads the austrian electro house label Etage Noir Special. He has been active as a DJ for more than 10 years. Aka Tell lives in Vienna, Austria.



Keatch & Felix CartalLazy Bird
HertzFunkster EP
Mumbai ScienceLotus
Dada LifeUnleash the Fuckin´ Dada (Dirtyloud Remix)
D.I.M. and TAIIon
Bart B MoreTraction
HardwellEncoded (Dada Life Remix)
Balthazar & JackrockPuerto Rico (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
Koen Groeneveld & Arturo SilvestreKlopt
Too Young To LoveEarth (Skitsnygg Remix)
StereoheroesWild Child (Le Castle Vania Remix)
We Are ProstitutezUp&Down
FigureThe Monsters Revenge
Dzy the OwlEpic Fail
GerruzzBiohazard (Hack The System Remix)
Hot Pink DeloreanMove It! feat. Rory Lyons


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