Oct 2011
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Mr Oizo – France 7 (from upcoming album)

Just in time as SoundCloud seem to finally have gotten the situation under control again, Mr Oizo once again let the cat out of the bag – as always, in true Oizo style: After recently having leaked the tracklist to his upcoming album himself, he had another surprise in store when he tweeted about 3 hours ago: “TWEET N°3000 : here is FRANCE7 ! http://t.co/HgBss08R

The track itself is a classic Oizo tune, with an arpeggio pattern that only seems to be randomly set at first glance played by a bleepy synth that immediately brings Kraftwerk’s Computerwelt to my mind and some tempo breaks throughout the track that are not really tempo breaks if you listen close enough – Quentin Dupieux has done it again!
Mr Oizo – France 7