Oct 2011
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Justice – Audio Video Disco (Album Minimix)

The release of Justice’s much-anticipated follow-up album Audio Video Disco has finally come within sight with iTunes already taking pre-orders, the first (self-titled) EP has already hit the digital music stores, both the album’s tracklist and the official artwork have long found their way onto the blogs and two weeks before the release the hype has reached astronomic heights – but so has the spectrum of opinions.

In the age of Facebook fan pages, Twitter hash-tags and timed comments on SoundCloud, it has become easy to observe fan reactions and quickly spot trends. While there’s a solid (and obviously open-minded) fan base happy to follow the new direction Justice are heading to, there’s also a loud minority that has been terribly disappointed because what they’ve heard so far is not as hard and dirty as they expected – and they don’t miss a single chance to tell the rest of the world about it.

As for me, I really liked Civilization (and still do), I love Audio, Video, Disco (in fact it’s still on heavy rotation on every device I own that is capable of playing music) and I adore both videos. I dare say that Justice have started a musical revolution with Cross back then, influencing a whole generation of musicians and producers after them – so why be angry at them for re-inventing themselves, when what really made them big in the first place was to change things? Justice have always put a lot of effort into creating a strong image, with the omnipresent cross, their leather jackets, the huge stacks of Marshall amps on stage, their last track always being Metallica: it seems to be nothing but the next logical step to take their rockstar image to the next level and re-position themselves as a rock band – both image- and music-wise.

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco. (medley)