Oct 2011
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Justice – Newlands & Canon (Audio Video Disco)

Two new Justice tracks just surfaced all of a sudden on the SoundCloud page of a French blog named Stop The Noise – and while I’m still wondering how on earth this lucky bastard got his hands on these, I’ve already got the first one stuck in my head.

While Newlands is a classic glamrock anthem that sucks you straight back into the 80s, with catchy vocals, guitar solos and the whole shebang, Canon is more what one would expect from the old Justice we all loved – lots of distortion and noise. Not sure what to think about Canon yet – in any case it’s a great concession to their roots and and should please a lot of disappointed fans hating on the other new songs. And for Newlands … what can I say, it went straight to my “stuck on repeat” playlist (next to Civilization and Audio Video Disco) and I guess that’s where it will stay for a long time. By the way, here are  some thoughts of mine on Justice and their “new” sound in general.

First seen on Harder Blogger Faster – check out this awesome blog if you haven’t already!

Justice – Newlands

Justice – Canon