Oct 2011
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Under Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday #25

Massive Ruby Tuesday compilation rolling out today: Atari disco, tech house, glitchstep, popstep, dubstep, whateverstep, techno, electro, house, disco house – here are 14 amazing tracks I have stumbled across in the past few days which I liked or which made me laugh (yes, I’m thinking of the Katy Perry remix here). Most of them are available for download, some of them aren’t – enjoy!

#OccupyWallStreet artwork by Matt Huynh.

Crème Prulée – Semi

Justin Waters – Deranged (Original Mix)

Christian The Lion x GLITCHDICK – Fuck Saving the World

Figure – Michael Myers is Dead (Original Mix)

MR NÔ – The Snake

ill Saint M – Hybris (Before The Storm Version)

ILL Saint M – Hybris (F.O.O.L Remix)

Congorock – Sirius (Rule of Eight Bootleg Remix)

Katy Perry – E.T. (BLACK MATTER Remix)

Antichrist – The Leak

Beni – It’s A Bubble (Round Table Knights Remix)

Aeroplane – Big Boys Don’t Cry

Quinten909 – Romance Supreme (Lars Vegas ‘Jack Daniels’ remix)

The Magician – I Don’t Know What to Do (the Svens’s ‘Conjurors’ edit)