Nov 2011
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Falcon & Bangalter – Together (NAPT Bootleg)

French filter house anthem meets 2011 electro house sounds: Welcome to the bright neon world of Thomas Bangalter, DJ Falcon – and NAPT: What might sound like Daft Punk being remixed by Daft Punk at first listen is actually an amazing bootleg remix brought to you by the UK’s best producer duo since the Chemical Brothers!

At the latest when that epic break at 02:00 makes you forget about how cold it is outside will you love this masterpiece – I promise! By the way, sorry for the bad quality of the post image, but there’s just way too much awesomeness in that pic not to share.

[audio:http://www.discodemons.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/ftp/music/2011/11/Together%20(NAPT%20Bootleg%20Mix).mp3|titles=Together (NAPT Bootleg Mix)]
DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together (NAPT Bootleg Mix)