Dec 2011
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Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker (A.G.Trio Rework)

After Unleash The Fucking Dada, Fight Club Is Closed (It’s Time For Rock ‘n’ Roll) and Happy Violence, Dada Life once again give proof of why they’re famous for fat synths and crispy basslines – but certainly not for naming their tracks: Kick Out The Epic Motherf**cker!

To make sure you have an appropriate start into the weekend, here’s a remix of this banger by the A.G.Trio – probably the hottest live act in Austrian electro at the moment. And as the best things in life are free, here’s a full 320kbps copy of it – it’s been uploaded just a few minutes ago, grab it while it’s still hot! By the way: If you happen to be in or around Austria in January, make sure not to miss this chance to party with them in Vienna on January 7!
Dada Life – Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker (A.G.Trio Rework)