Dec 2011
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La Bombe – Four Of A Kind

Aside from my all-time favorite record label Citizen Records, two labels (both based in the UK) have caught my attention over the course of the past year – and thanks to a steady stream of quality music, both have quickly entered the list of my main music providers. First, there’s Bad Life: launched in early 2011 by autoKratz and some other cool peeps, home of some of the best techno producers around (think Attaque or NT89) and early support from the likes of Erol Alkan and Tiga.

Started in mid-2011 by no one less than Sharooz, La Bombe is definitely one of the most forward-thinking labels around in terms of electronic dance music. Not only do I desperately want full format prints of every single artwork they’ve done to hang on my walls, but also am I obsessed with everything they’ve released so far. Diversity is obviously what La Bombe are aiming for, and they’re doing extraordinarily well: their latest release with the promising title Four Of A Kind gives perfect proof.