Dec 2011
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Alex Metric – Christmas Mixtape

Despite being able to survive for days on nothing but coffee and music, bloggers are human beings, too – more or less, at least. And as human beings sometimes need holidays, you might have noticed that there weren’t any new blog posts for the past four days. In case you’re wondering what bloggers do in their time off, the above pic might serve as a little hint.

As each and every year, I’m proud of successfully having ignored all the cheap Christmas bootlegs that have been flooding my inbox for weeks, so I think by now it’s safe to finally share something related to Christmas: Alex Metric Christmas Mixtape is an amazing laid-back compilation of funky disco tunes and electro pop songs to melt the ice and make you dance! (No tracklist yet, but most of the tracks have been identified in the comment section on SoundCloud.)
Alex Metric – Christmas Mixtape