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Disco Demons Guest Mix I : ATTAQUE

With 2012 probably being the world’s last year, it’s time for breathing new life into this blog: Let me introduce to you the Disco Demons Guest Mixes – a new series of exclusive mixtapes, handcrafted by artists that I’ve blogged about a lot, artists that have influenced me as a DJ, artists whose music I simply love. And as people who make good music usually have interesting stories to tell, each mix will be accompanied by a short interview.

I’m more than proud to announce that the first mix comes from no one less than Attaque, an incredibly talented producer from Essex, UK, who within just a few months has managed to draw the world’s (and Bad Life Records’) attention towards his amazing tracks, receiving love and early support from names such as Tiga, Erol Alkan, Fake Blood and Brodinski. Enough praise, let the music speak for itself:

Attaque – From Here On In (Disco Demons Guest Mix I) by Discodemons on Mixcloud

Disco Demons: Your name is often to be heard in connection with a new movement in electronic dance music commonly referred to as “future techno” – and while everybody agrees that it’s all about crisp and clear techno-influenced productions, everybody seems to have their own ideas of this expression. What does future techno mean for you?

Attaque: I guess there isn’t a distinct sound which sums up Future Techno which is why it’s exciting for me. It’s all about the mood and production of a track, I guess it’s having a techno aesthetic and then putting your own twist on it. If you look at the top 10 Electro House tracks on Beatport they all have certain sounds and rules they follow, whereas if you listen to Gesaffelstein or NT89 they completely have their own style. It’s an exciting time as producers are coming out with their own signature sounds rather than following the masses and making tracks that sound like everything else.

Check out the rest of the interview + tracklist after the jump!

DD: Speaking of future techno: Which artists do you personally keep an eye on in 2012?

A:I’m always blown away by everything that TWR72, Gesaffelstein, NT89 and DJEjOTRONIC do. I’m also loving Julian Jeweil and Boddika’s output. There are also some exciting artists coming up with their own sound too like Ego Troopers, BS1, SCNTST, Borussia and Vakkuum.

DD:Where do you draw your musical influences from? Which artists got you into electronic music in the first place?

A:It wasn’t necessarily artists that got me into electronic music, it was more the parties, raves and clubs – from that you start to seek out who’s playing and making those records. People like Tom Middleton, James Lavelle, Jon Carter, Chemical Brothers and Underworld would be a few of the early influences.

DD:I’ve been talking to a lot of producers who said they would never listen to their own music (or dance music in general) at home – how about you? What are your favorite non-electronic artists at the moment?

A: I don’t often listen to dance music at home apart from listening to promos and sorting tracks for gigs, although I’ve been listening to the Jesse Rose “Made For The Night” compilation and The 2 Bears album recently.
My favourite bands at the moment are: Stay Plus, Peace, Planningtorock, Errors and Suuns.

DD: If you could play one single song to the entire world, which one would it be?

A: That is a good question and also the hardest question in the world ever, but today’s choice would be Looper – Mondo ’77.

DD: With early support from the likes of Tiga and Erol Alkan, airplay in Fake Blood’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and lots of love coming your way from the entire scene, things have been looking more than good last year. What are your plans for 2012?

A: Firstly I’m going to be out touring and doing alot more shows both DJ’ing and live. I’m also going to release a mini album on Bad Life – it’s not so much an album, more a collection of my E.P’s with some new tracks and some remixes, it’s a way of putting everything I’ve done in one package and saying “this is Attaque”. I want to develop a live show to go with this release and build it over time into something I can really be proud of. I’m currently working on a track with an amazing vocalist which I’m excited about, as long as I’m always moving forward then I’m happy.


1. Attaque – Sensor
2. Kolsch – Opa
3. Justin Martin – Lezgo
4. BS1 – Nothing But You
5. Museum – Afraid
6. Borussia – Baronage Suits
7. Clouds – Articles (Vakkuum Remix)
8. Tony Senghore – Go Tigers
9. Tony Senghore – Go Tigers (Style Of Eye Remix)
10. NT89 & Burns – Traffic (Attaque Remix)
11. Obi Blanche – 72 Hours (NT89 Remix)

What would Bill Murray do?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=599817010 Nuri Nurbachsch

    yes, yes, YES!!!

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  • 3astro5tarz

    didnt like it, not feeling this genre!

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  • Loukall

    more please.

  • futur.T/K/N0

    “mildly more interesting than minimal techno” might be a more fitting description of this would-be genre than “future techno”

  • dro

    hmmm not feeling this. if this is the future I rather kill myself.

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  • Pablo ‘Charlie’ Rodriguez

    is ok music, but call ”Future Techno” FAIL… dude this such a sacralism statement ….

  • Warptone

    Listen, guys. This whole “future techno” thing is really nothing different than an artist expressing their style through unique patches and song structure. It’s. Just. Music.

    I’m legitimately offended that this is being referred to as a ‘movement’. Don’t you see? Aphex Twin doesn’t call HIS style a ‘movement’, nor does Skream, nor does Jamie xx, hell, nor did fucking Frankie Knuckles for god’s sake. IT’S YOUR ART. IT’S YOUR STYLE. IT’S YOUR MUSIC. IT’S NOTHING MORE.

    The music scene DOES NOT require a fucking MOVEMENT to beat EDM out of the mainstream; that’s going to happen on it’s own. Jesus christ, ever hear of DISCO??? Smh.

    Sorry, Attaque. Loving your music from hearing this. Very cool style. But I just can’t accept that you’re going so far as to think what you’re doing is an artistic movement focusing on creative integrity. It’s just so unnecessary. Do your thing; let people who vibe with your music vibe with it. That’s it, that’s all. Nothing more needed.

  • dpsttmpst

    I don’t mind that “Future Techno” is a way to get back to basics (Detroit techno, Chicago house, electro funk, etc), however this “movement” needs to ween itself of that 1980s pop fetish that electro- & fidget-house are famous for. 1980s retro has been done to death, let’s get back to contemporary vibes…pretty please?

  • Arnoud van Lieshout

    this is TOTAL HORSE SHIT, bett erlisten my music