Mar 2012
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Walk The Night w/ Gomma All Stars
– presented by burn studios + vice

Remember the Moullinex/Peaches rework of Maniac I posted the other day? You better do, as burn studios and Vice have teamed up to bring Moullinex into town on April 4th, along with Telonius, Da Chick and local heroes Moogle and Xander & Niederreiter. Harmer’s bar is where the fun’s at, drinks are on the house (yes, you read that right). So what’s the catch?

It’s an invitation-only party – there are no tickets to buy, just 200 slots on the guest list. How to get your name on that list? There are always ways, but the best idea comes from Sony: 4 lucky people (2 from Austria, 2 from Switzerland) get the chance to fly to Vienna, party with amazing people, stay at a hotel, fly back home. Sounds sweet, right?

As if that wasn’t enough, every winner gets a Sony Walkman Z in order to keep you entertained on your trip with not only music but also lots of cool features like videos, games and apps – check out the video below. Head over to Vice Austria for your chance to win – see you at the party!

What would Bill Murray do?