Mar 2012
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Les Petits Pilous – Bad Life EP

With the collapse of the Euro in the balance and Sarkozy reduced to being Merkel’s political lapdog, these are testing times for Europe’s leading powers. However, few Franco-German marriages have been as long and loving as the one enjoyed by Les Petits Pilous and Boys Noize Records.

Bad Life however is a dirty little slut eager to play away with any prime Parisian beouf that provocatively saunters in our direction; like a techno-loving cougar waiting at the bar in a red leather miniskirt and fishnets. Fortunately for us, Anthony Ferrando and Jean-Patrick Simonetti like a bit on the side.

After a gin fuelled night of passion, Bad Life awoke in the morning to find herself alone. Left on the bedside table was all that remained of that stolen night; a CD containing three tracks. Calculator (with LPP’s BNR cohort Rynecologist), Earl Grey and Analphabet are three stunning examples of a duo still making some of the best banging electro out there.

– yes, that was the original press text.
Not much to add to that – much love to Les Petits Pilous for an outstanding EP!