Apr 2012
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Wheel Wells – Morning Light (Big C remix)

Let me start this article by quoting fellow blogger Clive from Electronic Rumors:

So, I think I have this subconscious belief that bloggers make shit producers. I know, I know, it’s completely unfounded. I don’t even know where it comes from (although to be honest, a lot of stuff I have heard from bloggers has been shit). I think it might be because I see them coming at making music from the wrong angle, writing about music and thinking ”I’ll have a go” rather than feeling the passion to create.

Once again Big C (chances are you know him from his blog – if you don’t, go check it out!) proves everybody wrong with his latest remix for Canadian indie-pop duo Wheel Wells, impressively disproving the myth that bloggers suck at producing music. His “beach house” take on Morning Light is a laid-back tropical disco jam with lots of sun packed into it – perfect tune for a Wednesday morning!