May 2012
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Avicii – Levels (@@ Remix)

Being in the blogging business for a few years now, I’ve seen lots of blogs rise and fall, kickstarting into astronomical heights within months and dying (or getting taken down) only a short time after. The quickest way to increase your traffic, it seems, is not, as one would believe, a steady stream of quality content and music, but rather a mixture of being shameless enough to illegally give away batches of full-quality MP3s of tracks that have just been released on Beatport, posting pictures of half-naked girls instead of taking the time to dig up the artists’ press pictures and generally covering every crappy brostep bootleg of any possible song you can think of. And for that extra boost, cats will always to the trick (if possible in combination with boobs).

Having said that, I’m obviously aiming for the perfect blog post here: Girls, cats, boobs, an Avicii bootleg for free full quality 320kbps download – and as if that wasn’t enough, here’s a picture of Skrillex. With more girls. Now please excuse me while I wait for my traffic to explode – I’ll Just Leave This Morning Update Here.

Avicii – Levels (@@ Remix) [320kbps]