Jun 2012
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Fun – We Are Young
(Do That & Disco Demons Remix)

Fun’s We Are Young is not only one of the catchiest songs out there right now but also being remixed the shit out of at the moment – and yet we felt like we could still add something to that. Who’s we? I’ve teamed up on this occasion with Do That, an incredibly talented producer I’ve got to know via the internet a few years back.

Here’s our remix of this instant classic, we hope you enjoy it – if you do, play it, love it, share it, blog it, download it, put it on your iPod, take it to the beach, play it to your friends…

What would Bill Murray do?

  • Thijs

    FINALLY!! A remix that takes the beautiful chorus and makes a wonderful summer jam!! All the other remixes i heard so far are absolute crap, but this one hits bullseye YES!!