Jun 2012
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Introducing: Virgin Magnetic Material

After having posted this incredible David Bowie remix earlier this week, I felt it’d only be appropriate to properly feature the genius mastermind behind this rework: Virgin Magnetic Material – a remix project by Shai Vardi, a musician and artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His works do not only stand out because of their unbelievable technical and musical perfection but mainly because of this unique creative approach to remixing songs: no mediocre edits just to fatten up a track for the dance floor – it’s all about complete re-interpretations here, creating songs that are entirely new on their own.

Virgin Magnetic Material’s SoundCloud page is a true treasure chest full of amazing downtempo remixes of rock classics, old (Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac) and new (Radiohead, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kings Of Leon) ones. Smooth half-time backing tracks make the powerful rock vocals sound even bigger – and suddenly aggressive rock songs turn into epic laid-back synth jams.

His incredibly repertoire consists not only of rock songs, though: trip-hop anthem’s like Faithless’ Insomnia or Massive Attack’s Teardrop have received Virgin Magnet Material’s unique remix treatment just as well as disco hymns such as Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam.

Now please promise me that the first thing you’ll do after reading this post is head over to his Facebook page and click the Like button – this incredibly talented artist definitely deserves more than 600 likes. By the way: Virgin Magnetic Material is a definition from the electronic world, describing core or shield material that has never been magnetized (according to the description on SoundCloud).