Jun 2012
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Attaque – Flow EP

After the release of his critically acclaimed debut album When Light Falls, Attaque is back with a new EP, coming up on (surprise no. 1) Lektroluv Records! The EP’s title track Flow sounds pretty much like what you would expect from Attaque (solid and forward-thinking techno, that is), but surprise no. 2 comes with Envelopes, track two of three, that I would go so far as to describe as a classic house (yes, you read that right!) tune that sounds a lot like Thomas Bangalter and early Daft Punk – until all hell breaks loose the drop teleports you back into 2012. Motion, the final track is a massive techno tune again – standing out with a weird but interesting vocal sample that somehow made me think of mountains and girls in checkered aprons and wooden clogs. Conclusion? Attaque certainly knows his stuff – and future techno is most probably by far not the last thing we’ve heard of him…