Jul 2012
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Introducing: Weavir

Music blogs are awesome. Music blogs joining forces on unique platforms to create something special are even more awesome. Let me introduce to you Weavir, a new web-based music discovery service that connects users through the discovery of music blogged content, concerts, and musical similarities. Sounds complicated? Not really. Let Sam, the founder of Weavir, explain:

Along with some other rad blogs, we will curate the music that can be discovered on Weavir. There are other sites out there already to discover music posted on music blogs, right – but what really sets Weavir apart from these services is that you can discover up-to-date music and concerts through similar people, and you can discover similar people through up-to-date music and concerts. You can also find out about artists’ tour dates, and even organize crowd-funded concerts together with like-minded fans. Pretty amazing, right?

In order to make this happen, Weavir just launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. Crowd funding is a way to raise money for a company by recruiting large amounts of people to contribute small amounts of money (25$ will already make you a member of the Weavir community) through the internet. The good thing about it crowd funding is that you only have to pay if the campaign reaches its set goal. Weavir is launching through a crowd funding campaign in order to get people involved and to build an online community of contributors who will help create the platform through creative engagement and feedback: there are special plans available for artists, blogs, venues – and most importantly, fans. Get involved!