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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Tomorrowland Festival

Disclaimer: In the past years I’ve been to most noteworthy music festivals all over Europe – as a music journalist, as a DJ, or simply as a visitor, as a fan. I’ve seen Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson telling the crowd at Sziget Festival 2010 (Budapest, Hungary) how this was their biggest festival in 35 years of touring. I’ve seen Mike Skinner of The Street making tens of thousands of people sit down at Rock En Seine Festival 2011 (Paris, France) just to make all of them jump simultaneously a few seconds later. I’ve seen Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails smashing his guitar on stage in an outburst of anger at Frequency Festival 2007 (Salzburg, Austria). Bottom line: I’ve seen one or two things in my life – but I’ve never ever seen anything like Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is bigger, louder, harder and most definitely crazier than any other festival I’ve ever been to. Fireworks synced with the drops of the tracks being played, floating stages in the middle of a lake, dancers dressed as fairytale characters next to the DJs, helicopters dropping flowers over the dancing crowd, soap bubbles in the air everywhere, ferris wheels and poker casinos – Tomorrowland has it all. You’ll probably have the time of your life at this fairyland of bass, but it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Don’t panic, though:

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Get Your Tickets

  • 180.000 tickets have been available for this year’s festival. They sold out in less than two hours. If you want to be part of Tomorrowland 2013, keep a close eye on their website and prepare to spend a day in front of the computer, waiting for ticket web shop to open.
  • Remember that you need a ticket to the festival itself and a separate ticket for accommodation.
  • Don’t go there if you didn’t get any tickets. I met some people at the entry who were trying to sneak in without tickets. None of them got in.
  • Don’t buy tickets from strangers in front of the entry. On the one hand, all tickets have names on them, and you need a matching ID to get in. On the other hand, there are people selling fake tickets and wristbands. The tickets have a barcode on them and the wristbands have a small chip inside them: you won’t get in with fake ones.
  • If you have a spare ticket, bring it with you. There are lots of people around the festival area trying to find tickets. Remember that you also need to bring a copy of the person’s passport whose name is on the ticket, or the person you sold your ticket to won’t get in.

    Things You’ll Need

  • Tickets + ID. Make sure to print your tickets at home, both the festival tickets and the tickets for accommodation. Also remember to bring a matching ID, or you won’t get in.
  • Water. Lots of water. If you’re going by car, fill up the trunk with bottled water. If you’re traveling by train, make sure to buy enough water in Brussels. If you think you have enough water, buy more – you’ll need it. Also bring some big bottles to refill at the refresh points in the camping area (free). Inside the festival area you can buy water at the bars.
  • Good shoes. Leave your ballerinas and espadrilles at home, or at least bring some other decent shoes. You’ll be walking around a lot, as the camping area is at least 15 minutes away from the stages, depending on where you set up your tent. Walking from the far end of the campsite to the far end of the festival area will take at least 30 minutes. (60 minutes if you’re hungover and have bad shoes)
  • Sunscreen. The stages open at noon (12 pm) and close at 1 am. You’ll spend most of the day outside, and most probably there will be blistering heat. Lots of sunscreen, enough water and regular breaks in the shadow of some trees will help you avoid sunburns and sunstrokes.
  • Cash (or a credit card). Inside the festival area you can’t buy food and drinks with cash. Tomorrowland has its own currency, with machines similar to ATMs where you can exchange cash to vouchers for drinks and food. There are also counters where you can buy vouchers with credit cards and bank cards.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes during the day, indicate you as a douche bag at night and help hiding your hangover in the morning.
  • Soap, shampoo, towels and whatever else you need. There are showers at the entrance to the camping area. Don’t take a shower in the morning, though – you’ll have to wait for at least an hour as there will be hundreds of people waiting there. Wait for the afternoon or the evening, you’ll get to the showers in no time then.
  • Drinks. You’re allowed to bring all kinds of drinks to the camping area, with no restriction in quantity (I met some guys we were bragging about having brought 150 litres of beer all the way from Sweden). If you plan to bring vodka or any other spirits, make sure to refill it into plastic bottles: no glass bottles allowed.
  • Earplugs. During the day you’ll need them to protect your ears, at night you’ll be glad to use them to drown out your snoring tent mates and your neighbors who might be partying until dawn.
    Your Trip To Tomorrowland

  • Tomorrowland is taking place at a recreational area located in the small city of Boom, Belgium. There are supermarkets etc. in the town, but don’t rely on them, as liquor and bottled water will be sold out within a few hours (city population: 16.000 – festival visitors 60.000 per day).
  • The cheapest and quickest way to get to Tomorrowland is by flying to Brussels and then taking the train to Boom. The train rides takes between one and two hours (depending on the connections), and there are free shuttles busses from the train station in Boom to the festival area.
  • Brussels is a beautiful city. If you have enough time, fly there a few days earlier to do some sightseeing. This way you’ll also have enough time to buy food, water, beers and whatever else you need for the festival.
  • If you’re traveling from London or Manchester, you can fly to Antwerp which is closer to the festival area than Brussels.
  • Don’t book a flight back leaving before Monday noon. All in all (walking, shuttle bus, trains etc.) it will take you at least (!) 3 or 4 hours from the festival gates to the airport.
  • If you live nearby and are lucky enough to have someone give you a ride to the festival, there are kiss+ride areas where you can go by car to drop people off. If you’re going to the festival by taxi, make sure they drop you off at the kiss+ride area at the camping (just follow the orange arrows saying “kiss + ride” that are all over the city). Don’t let them drop you off at the festival or at the parking area – otherwise you’ll have to walk a long way.
  • If you get lost, don’t hesitate to go ask the security guys who can be found throughout the entire city. All of them I talked to were really nice and helpful, one of them even called me a taxi back to the airport.
  • Pro tip: if you’re thirsty and you see people sitting in garages or on their front lawns drinking beer, ask them if they sell beer. Most of them do, but they don’t advertize it openly as it’s not allowed. We met some very friendly Belgian guys who even offered us to join them for dinner.

    Accommodation – Dreamville, Mansions, Hotels


    As I said, there are lots of different types of accommodation. All of them need to be booked online before the festival starts. Depending on your budgetary situation, everything ranging from a sleeping bag to a mansion with your very own butler is possible.

  • DreamVille is the most common form of accommodation at Tomorrowland. It’s a large camping area where you can set up your own tent. It might be a good idea to arrive one day earlier (Thursday) so you can find a good spot. There are refresh points with toilets, showers and water.
  • If you’re flying a long way and don’t want to bring your own tent, you can also rent an Easy Tent. This will also grant you access to a separated camping area.
  • There are different types of container homes and mansions. If you can afford it, this is probably the most relaxed way of enjoying the festival. You’ll have a clean bed, electricity to charge your phones and cameras, separate showers and toilets and even refrigerators, depending on the type (and cost) of your accommodation.
  • You can also stay at a hotel in or around Boom and go back to the festival everyday. That way you can also buy food and drinks the city everyday. Make sure to book your rooms as early as possible, though – when I tried finding a room two months before the festival, none of the hotels around had any beds free.
    Tomorrowland – Festival, Fairyland, Madness


  • There are almost 20 stages where more than 400 artists are performing simultaneously. It’s impossible to see everyone and everything. I had a perfect schedule of who I wanted to catch when and where, but soon I ended up just wandering around with friends, discovering the festival area and staying at every stage where we liked the tunes being played.
  • Even though Tomorrowland is a music festival after all, you don’t really go there for the music. Of course there’s the incredible line-up that reads like a who’s who of the international jetset of electronic dance music, but soon you’ll find out that you go there to party, to see the massive stages, to meet people from all over the world. You go there for fireworks, for the biggest lasers you’ll ever see, for secret stages hidden somewhere in the middle of a lake. You go there for the madness of Tomorrowland.
  • Every stage looks like a dream come true, from the main stage to the real small ones. Grass on the floor of the stage, giant flowers and mushrooms, water fountains and flamethrowers – the stage designers’ love for details is hard to describe. Also, there are powerful sound systems on all stages: massive bass lines, crisp percussions, crystal clear vocals. As I said, bring earplugs – you’ll need them.
  • Of course there are the real big names headlining the festival. I’ve never seen anything close to the shows of David Guetta, Avicii and Swedish House Mafia. But then again, there are underground artists who for me are the real headliners of the festival – don’t always go for the biggest names. On the last day of the festival I witnessed Fake Blood absolutely killing it, playing the best set I’ve heard at the entire festival.
  • Unlike most other music festivals, the main part of the program is taking place during the day. Don’t waste too much of your time pre drinking at your tent in DreamVille: you’ll find everything you need inside the festival area. At exactly 1am all stages close and you have to leave the festival area.
  • At the risk of repeating myself: If you think you’ve seen it all – believe me, you haven’t. Tomorrowland can’t be compared to any other festival I’ve ever been to. You need to go there yourself to experience the madness of Tomorrowland.
    How To Get Home

  • After three days (or more) of partying, you’ll be tired, exhausted and craving for your own bed and your own shower. The best thing you can do is get up at 6am in the morning, get your stuff packed and leave before 60.000 other people wake up. If you leave in the afternoon, you’ll have difficulties getting on the busses and trains back to the airport.
  • There are shuttle busses back to the train station and to the city of Antwerp.
  • Pro tip: buy coffee to go and breakfast at the exit of the camping area. The train station in Boom does not have any shops or restaurants.
    See you at Tomorrowland 2013!
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    Photo credits:
    Tomorrowland | offical facebook page
    Brussels Airlines | official facebook page
    volume.at | full photo galleries here: day 1 // day 2 // day 3

    • Cay

      Hey this is an awsome guide. I just have a question. Me and my friends managed to get tickets for dreamville camping and Friday and Sunday festival access. I was wondering if you ever met anyone who managed to get into the festival by bribing security or by buying their way in for the day that they weren’t able to get tickets? Do u think it will be easy to get in on the Saturday?

      • DiscoDemons

        From what I’ve seen, security are pretty strict – if you don’t have a ticket, you won’t get in. I haven’t heard of anyone trying to bribe them, though.

      • Mairi

        I also managed to only get Friday and Sunday festival access and dreamville camping tickets, yet it says all over the website that you can only have dreamville access with full madness pass. Still unsure what will happen when we arrive and if we will be let into dreamville. I think you can apply for any unwanted tickets in May, so fingers crossed for spare Saturday passes!

    • Amber

      Hi, I missed out on tickets and wanted to either buy tickets from ebay or off a friend. I just read your tickets guild..

      ” Remember that you also need to bring a copy of the (person’s) passport whose name is on the ticket, or the person you sold your ticket to won’t get in”

      Person meaning buyer of the ticket? – I will need a print out of their Passport to get in?

      The situation I am in, is there are 4 tickets Full Madness passes plus 4 x Dreamville Passes.

      ” all tickets have names on them, and you need a matching ID to get in”

      So if the tickets had all the same name of it of the buyer, and I had a copy of the buyers Passport/print out

      I could legally take these tickets off their hands????

      • DiscoDemons

        It will probably work out but I’m not 100% sure about that. All I can really say is that I saw lots of people having problems getting in – probably those who bought tickets from strangers.

      • TBL23

        Not this year – there are no tickets, there are only wristbands and they are NOT transferable, even if you have a matching ID.

    • Jayyson

      Hi people I’m travellin from Australia regardless by myself but am finding it hard to get a dreamville ticket my email is jayyson@hotmail.com.au if anyone has or knows of a ticket for sale . Thanks jayson

    • tomo

      Hello, we are from japan and we need a place to stay from thursday to tuesday, in total we have 4 people. please reply to me as soon as possible. We will be flying from amsterdam.

    • Angel Zavala

      Around how much money in American $$ is needed to have a good time? If I decide to camp.

      • TBL23

        Around 150 – 250$.

    • mark

      i hve a plot of land for you at the back of mountain of fire ministry at lagos ibadan express way, the plot is on foundation level,
      documents on it are,family agreement, registered deed of conveyance,family receipt, price 2.2m you can email me:osicater@yahoo.com

      and also a 6 bedroom bungallow on two and half plots. at ikorodu , all document obtained, price 10million.

    • john

      Hi Guys

      I have Global Journey Hotel 2013 package.

      Has anyone bought these in previous years? If so, I want to ask if there is a bus that takes me back to the hotel and if so, how reliable are they


      • TBL23

        They are very reliable, those are official buses.

    • Lexi Ashford

      me and my friend want to go and were from the u.s what would be the best package for us to buy that can take us from here to the festival and that has access to dreamvill, the festival, and to stay in one tent together

      • TBL23

        The best way would be to go to Tomorrowworld which will be in US. Visit tomorrowworld.com

    • mazen

      how can i reserve for tomorrow land and what about the tickets to tomorrow land or to belgium???

      • TBL23

        There are no reservations, all tickets are sold on first come – first served basis.

    • Filip

      Whats the easiest way to get tickets. Im planning on going next year because Im 18 next year. Is it easier to buy tickets online or on the phone?

      • TBL23

        The only way is through the internet – there is no such thing as buying Tomorrowland tickets through phone.

    • kandy

      Hi I am flying in from the US into Brussels, I havent purchased my ticket to tomorrowland yet but I found good deals on craiglsist in Belgium- is that safe? It says that I would receive a confirmation email and everything via mail. What is the best ay for me to buy a ticket without being scammed?

      • TBL23

        Well don’t buy it – every ticket this year is non-transferable, even if you have a copied passport of the other person. Trust me, I work for the partner of Tomorrowland and before we started selling tickets as one of the official travel representatives, this was the first thing they told us.

        • Rob

          TBL – Question for you. So I am looking to get rid of 2 of our tickets and we were unable to do so on the exchange desk. If I sold those tickets to individuals who walked into tomorrowland with us (my name and passport is on the ticket info) would they be able to get in?

      • Rob

        Kandy, I have 2 extra tickets I am looking to get rid of. I will also be attending Tomorrowland and accidently purchased 2 more tickets than needed. If your interested you can reach me at pshbjh06@yahoo.com to talk more.

    • Guest

      Hey there , im going to brussels the 27th , but I dont have tickets yet for the festival. There’s a page Viagogo.co.uk, which is still selling tickets. is this page safe? Actually the prices are too high, but its my hoony moon and my future wife wants to go anyway!! thanks for any help… regards

    • Alvaro Cole

      Hey there, anybody knows if Viagogo.co.uk is safe to buy tomorrowland tickets? thanks for any help. Kind Regards

      • Jan VdE

        Uou can buy them in the official TML sale wich has sold out. This is not an official sales point and it’s also illegal according to the TML policy, so I would be careful.

    • Cédric Vander Stukken

      Anyone else received wrong bracelets?

      • Jan VdE

        Yes, I received non camping full madness bracelets according to the website. A friend of mine too.. We ordered full madness + dreamville and have the vouchers to prove it. I’ve emailed id&t on Friday but no response until now.

        • Cédric Vander Stukken

          I’ve sent 4 mails, phoned 3 times, no result. Unprofessional!

          It’s the 6th time I go, but they don’t care, it’s all about money.

          • Jan VdE

            I Recevied an email yesterday stating:


            Can we ask you to bring your bracelets and your e-tickets to the Troubleshoot desk at Dreamville (Entrance 1 or 2). We will give you the correct bracelet.

            Thank you.

            Kind regards,


            I asked them if I have to activate the wrong bracelets or not and if there is any opportunity to exchange the bracelets in an office near or in Antwerp. I have the feeling a lot of people have received wrong bracelets. I don’t know anybody who received correct items, except for the comfort passes.

            When you look at the color schemes the colors for regular and comfort with or without dreamville don’t match. I’l still thinking they mixed them up on the website and haven’t noticed yet.

            I keep you posted if i receive more info.

            • Cédric Vander Stukken

              Thanks mate, I just received about the same mail, there are different Troubleshoot desks at Dreamville.

              I’m just afraid of the enormous waiting line, and I asked for some kind of compensation.

              I’ll also keep you guys informed!

            • Jan vdE

              I received this mail as a response to my question if I had to activate the wrong bracelets and if there was any possibility to change them before the start of the festival.

              It’s better to activate the ‘wrong’ bracelets. Unfortunately it’s not possible to change them before the start of the festival.

              Kind regards,


            • Cédric Vander Stukken

              “It’s better to..” It’s like they aren’t even sure.. I’ll activate them anyways. It’s disgusting that they don’t even offer the possibility to change the bracelets before the festival.

              Meaning that thursday I’m gonna have to stay in line with hunders of others because of their bad organisation..

              Pretty disgusted.. I’m still hoping for a compensation..

    • Vaquero

      Nice guide, oh yeahhh. Im going with a friend from Madrid…so useful!!! See you in the madnessssss!!!!

    • Julien Gubernatis

      Very useful, preparing my Tomorrowland following your advices…
      Many thanks !!!
      Can’t wait to be theeeeeeere !!!

    • Damo

      does anyone know anything about leaving your luggage etc in your tent? I know they have lockers for valuables but i dont want to be walking back and forth to the locker every time i want something, if i can even get a locker.

    • Ramon

      What about the girls? did you ever get laid?

      • Rob

        Yes, loads of girls. You won’t have any problem finding a girl. Also, I got laid by some really cute guy, there are plenty of them too.

    • Nicole

      Staying in the dreamville and taking the train from London. Are we able to bring a large cooler into dreamville with water, liquor and food? Are there restrictions with how much we can carry?

    • xKrib

      We got relax rooms (2 ppl) in each. Do we get key? Can we charge our phone there?

    • Gee

      It is actually possible for people to lend bracelets to other people who don’t have a ticket?

      • David

        you cant take them off without ripping them.

    • Ana

      I’m going in 2014 from the USA alone, anyone wanna join me or do a huge meet up group please send me an email and we will link up on a Facebook group! sweetangel4564@yahoo.com

      • aussiecamper

        Hey ana im from Australia and looking at going in 2014 me and one friend. would love to no a group that is also planning the trip. it would make getting info about tomorrowland a lot easier. I have had no luck finding out prices for relaxing rooms or ticket prices.

        • Redbeard

          Hey! Im going in 2014 as well. From the US(Colorado). Ill email you.

        • Ana

          Hey if you havent sent me an email go ahead and it ! if not i started the facebook group “tomorrowland 2014 Rookies”

    • Karolina

      Hey very useful information! But do you know something about what do you do with tents while you are at Festival area? I know there are lockers you can rent but what about all your things, tent? :)

    • Mikael

      I just wanna know how much cost a “relax room” for all the festival? And when you buy your tickets online do you need to pay the tickets and the relax room together? Last question : How many money do you think I will need for all the festival if i’m thinking about the plane and everything else? (I’m from Canada and I wanna be ready for next year ;) )

      • Gavin

        Ive heard its around 3000Euros for them

    • Brad
    • SIKIE

      Thanks for advice, what i learned

      Sunglasses – protect your eyes



      Sleeping mattress




      Sun Screen

      Ear Plugs – snoring and people partying until dawn

      Face Mask


      shampoo – Don’t take a shower in the morning, though – you’ll have to wait for at least an hour as there will be hundreds of people waiting there. Wait for the afternoon or the evening, you’ll get to the showers in no time


      refillable water bottles

      Lots Of Water – 4= cases

      The best thing you can do is get up at 6am in the morning, get your stuff packed and leave before 60.000 other people wake up.

    • Sid


      I’m from India and I’ve been planning to go to Tomorrowland 2014.

      I’d like to know the approximate rates for the festival tickets and also for camping at Dreamville(including a tent).

      And how much would money will I need to carry to have a good time there?
      (Inclusive of food and alcohol)

      Thanks in advance :)

      • Rahul

        Same Here….

        • Rahul

          It might cost u abt 200000 rs for two

      • Rahul

        It might cost u abt 2,00,000 rs for 2

      • Amit

        same here

    • Ana

      Hey All! any newbies or people going alone feel free to join the facebook group “tomorrowland 2014 Rookies” I’m trying to get a lil group to help each other out, answer questions, etc. we made one for EDC last year and it went well!


      • Rahul

        Can u plzz tell wat is dis global journey package n stuff abt how to get there from INDIA. Will dat package include flight tickets….

    • Mike

      Hey y’all! Just wanted to see if anyone could give me an estimate of how much a global journey pass would be. Plan on leaving from Texas. Also prices for tickets would be great too. Thx.

    • Gary Mac

      Dumb question? What happens at 1am after the music stops? Surely its carnage? :)

    • mark dykes

      How dare you associate The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with a bunch of new hippies listening to shitty,repetitive music.

      • A new hippie

        Good sir, you can kindly fuck right off.

        • Andreszavala18

          YES! WELL SAID! new hippie well said..

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    • http://www.tomorrowland2014.co.uk/ Tomorrowland2014

      This is a great guide for Tomorrowland. We went this year and it was fantastic. Make sure you get a ticket this year guys and follow the advice here: http://www.tomorrowland2014.co.uk/2013/11/tips-to-make-sure-you-get-ticket-to.html

    • Earl

      Hey guys! i live in Amsterdam and i was wondering… if i travel to belgium when the ticket sale start, would it be easier for me to get a ticket? or do i have to be a belgian citizen to buy the presale tickets? :)

    • mness

      Hey Earl, You have to have a belgian adress. Furthermore you need a belgian bank account. I had the same plan :p But I found a ticket-script which explains in detail how you can increase your chances to get tickets. Check it out: http://www.mynightout.de/Produkt/tomorrowland-2014-ticket-script/

    • Amy O’connell

      Can anybody tell me if I purchase a Easy Tent 2 people will I be allowed bring a third person in???

      • Guest

        If that person has a ticket for the campsite (dreamville), you will be able to sneak him/her in for a threesome. If the person only has a regular ticket then no.

    • Guest

      hello I want to know more about the global package and we buy tickets and package or package includes the ticket and what kind of credit cards those the website accept ,and is it possible to find a hotel nearby or no thanx

    • Rose Nj Tarhuni

      hello want to know more about the global package and if its included tickets or no ,and about what kind of credit card does their website accept and if its possible to find a nearby hotel or no ,and which is the perfect way to get there and the cheapest as well thanx

    • Kista Saxberg

      Could you please let me know how the payment is done?
      If i get through, and want to buy tickets for 4 people, do I have to pay the sum of 4 tickets at once? I mean, can’t each person pay their own ticket? Otherwise, my friends will have to transfer money to my account. THanks!!

    • Lachim

      Please, when I write names and address for me and my friend in buying process ? After pay or before? Because what happened when I and my friends buy ticket for 4 same people?

    • Fenix

      Hey just wondering if you can bring 2 way radios? and is reliable?, so you can stay in contact with your friends, and this way will be cheaper for us with cellphones across the globe?

    • Giovanni

      hey guys, anyone has tickets for tomorrowland to sale?

      • Max

        i do, 2 full madness passes + dreamville for weekend 1. drop me email on tzf1gy(at)gmx(dot)com

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    • Spyros Reus

      There are some places outside Dreamville where i can bring my own tent and camp there??
      Please answer me only if you are 100% sure.

    • http://friv2.friv200.com Friv 200 – Friv 2

      Tomorrowland 2014

    • daniel

      does anyone have tickets? email me at dcarvainis@yahoo.com