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CDJ-2000nexus – introducing the Sync Button

A few hours ago Pioneer have officially announced the CDJ-2000 nexus on their homepage, following up the successful CDJ-2000 which has become worldwide club standard. A detailed overview of new (and old) features can be found here, but the really groundbreaking key features obviously are these:

  • Music can be loaded onto the CDJ-2000nexus via WiFi.
  • 4 deck beat sync. The CDJ-2000nexus allows you to set a master deck and automatically syncs the other decks to it, including loops, cues etc.
  • Slip Mode, allowing DJs to scratch and reverse while the music keeps playing silently in the background, so it always stays in sync.
  • Quantized beat grids, triggering hot cues or hot loops in perfect sync.
  • Mix in key. Tracks will be analyzed by rekordbox for the key, and when browsing playlists the CDJ-2000nexus indicates with a simple traffic light system which songs mix well with each other, and which don’t.
  • New display, providing new tools such as a zoomable waveform and editable beat grids.
    Obviously Pioneer has caused quite some discussion by the decision to implement a sync button, which they say allows DJs to focus more on track selection, loops, cues and effects but is already being criticized for allowing pretty much everyone with minimal knowledge to DJ without having to worry about proper transitions and beatmatching. To be honest it’s rather a logical next step than a big surprise, but still it fuels the discussion about DJing once again, keeping in mind that in one or two years the worldwide club standard will be CD players with sync buttons. What’s your opinion?

    To see these beasts in action, here’s a video of Laidback Luke having fun with four of them, demonstrating the new features and giving you a vast idea of what you can actually do with these.

    The CDJ-2000nexus will be available from late September 2012, at a suggested retail price of 1,899€ including VAT.

    • http://www.mobiledjforums.com/ GroovinDJ

      I think it’s mainly the wannabe DJs who are complaining about the sync button. People who don’t actually have enough knowledge to make a sensible comment. Most of them don’t seem to realise that it’s an option, not something you’re forced to use, and not something that “DJs for you”.
      I can imagine the scenario when the Nexus models become widespread at superstar DJ gigs or even clubs and bars – “Look, he’s not a real DJ because he pressed sync”. :-)

    • Anonymous
    • Mark

      Why don`t this muthephuker use 8 or 10 decks?

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