Sep 2012
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Crookers – Bowser EP

There are not many artists who on the one hand have been shaping and pushing forward the electro scene since day one and on the other hand are still successful by now. Italian power duo Crookers are without any doubt one of them, still at the top of their game after all these years and “rocking every festival known to man with a pair of USB sticks and an appetite for destruction”.

Their latest release Bowser EP on Fool’s Gold is not only a guidepost for the entire scene once again but also their first original release as Crookers in almost two years (I feel old now). While Trillex and Bowser are the living proof that it’s still possible to make tracks for big rooms without cheesy vocal breaks, Turn The Lights On takes you back to Crookers’ fidget roots, rewarped into some blend of hip-hop and house with Philly rapper STS laying down some verses on top. There is still hope for electronic dance music.

Photo credits: Giorgio Calace