Sep 2012
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Boys Noize – What You Want (Plainview Remix)

Sometimes talented producers just surface all of a sudden and keep emitting such a stream of quality music that you can’t help but wonder why you’ve never heard about them before. For example, there’s London-based producer Plainview who recently caught my attention with a fresh remix for Azealia Banks’ 212, just to follow up with an amazing remix of Caribou’s all-time classic Sun a few weeks after.

I wouldn’t be telling you all this if there wasn’t a new track to celebrate: Boys Noize’ What You Want is where the fun happens this time, and what can I say, Plainview definitely goes a lot harder on that one! Starting out quite harmlessly with some nicely shuffled big-room rock drums, a vocoder-driven build-up soon starts giving you a taste of what’s yet to come – until shit really hits the fan at 1:16, pardon my French. Free 320kbps download exclusive on discodemons.net – remember where you heard it first!