Sep 2012
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Surrender! – Surrender! [album stream]

The series of amazing album covers continues, but both you and me are obviously here to talk about music, so let’s just put the beautiful cover artwork aside and take a listen. Is it blasphemy to compare a record to a Justice album? Probably yes, but this album is just too good, and, more importantly, too coherent, too well structured and too flawless not to draw this comparison.

UK-based La Bombe Recordings‘ latest signing Surrender! delivers an incredible (self-titled) debut album, full to the brim with big melodies, gritty synths and electric guitars, with references to 80s synth pop, glam rock and even baroque classical music. While tracks such as Masque and Gens once again bring Justice’s latest (and quickly forgotten) album Audio Video Disco to mind, Hurry sounds more like the (highly unlikely) brainchild of Prince and M83, and Over & Out makes you wonder if Daft Punk have had fingers in the pie here. Phenomenal!

Out on October 14.