Sep 2012
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Visitor – Coming Home (Vanguard Remix)

No need to introduce neither Visitor nor Vanguard here, I think – if you haven’t heard of them, better go back live under that rock you must have spent the last years under. This is probably one of the best tracks I’ve heard in quite a while (and I’m not just saying this because everything sounds good when you haven’t really slept recently), so I won’t even try putting it into a genre drawer. Moroderstep? Lazerfunk? Miamidub? Discopop? Okay, I still did it – obviously the little control freak in me has to genrefy everything, so let’s just go with the description in SoundCloud’s genre section: Pure Sex.

100 bonus points for everyone spotting the Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On Me sample (okay, to be honest it’s not that hard). Free 320kbps download.

What would Bill Murray do?