Oct 2012
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Waves Vienna 2012 | Thursday

So the first day/night of Waves Vienna 2012 has come to an end but fortunately there are two more coming up, so here’s a quick round-up to find out what you have missed out on last night.

“If it’s a funeral, let’s have the best funeral ever.” In celebration of the opening ceremony of the festival, “Shut Up And Play The Hits” was screened at Gartenbaukino. Considering myself a fan of LCD Soundsystem’s music I really enjoyed the long live scenes and breathtaking moments from their last concert ever at Madison Square Garden, NY – but also had to witness James Murphy trying very hard not to try too hard to look down to earth and likeable while endlessly cuddling with his schizophrenic pug. (Was that a proper sentence? I’m obviously still struggling with the aftermaths of last night).

To be honest there’s not much to say about Dillon: either you’ve seen her or you haven’t. If you haven’t, it’s pretty hard to explain what exactly is going on at her shows. What is sure is that her voice is nothing short of unbelievable, conveniently filling out entire rooms backed by dark synth sounds, creating alien atmospheres. The setting for her show couldn’t have been better: the old Odeon theater with it’s big hall, a room so tall you couldn’t really see the ceiling, dimly lit and pillar-framed – an amazing overall experience.

My surprise of the evening were definitely Tu Fawning, a four-headed band from Portland, OR I’ve never heard of before to be honest, but then again, that’s what festivals are there for: discovering amazing artists because by accident. Anyways, their show at Clubschiff was out of this world, using trumpets, violins and timpani to create a dark, dramatic live experience that completely blew me (and I think everyone else who has been there) away. Haven’t seen so much energy on a stage in quite a while.

Next I initially wanted to go to Fluc Wanne to see Ghostpoet, but as it was pretty crowded there and things never happen the way you expect them to happen at festivals we somehow ended up at Pratersauna two hours later right in time for Rustie’s set, a solid blend of dubstep and hip-hop that didn’t fail to make the crowd go crazy.

Waves Vienna, it has been beautiful with you last night, I honestly can’t wait to see you again tonight!

Photo credits. Dillon: Armin Rudelstorfer. Tu Fawning: Mona Hermann.