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Waves Vienna 2012 | Friday

Waves Vienna, here we go again. The rings under my eyes are starting to make me look like a panda bear, the list of bands I want to see is getting shorter and the list of bands I need to start keeping an eye on in the future is growing longer: looks like I have survived day two of three.

Before I continue writing, let me set something straight first: I consider myself a huge fan of both Kavinsky‘s music and the accompanying visual concept, the fictional character who died in a car crash in a Ferrari. That’s for that. Having said that, I’ve never seen a DJ that actually managed to fuck up almost every single mix – and still keep everybody on the floor happy and dancing. If there’s one single DJ on earth who deserves to be called a rock star, it’s probably Kavinsky. Even if it’s just for having Mehdi’s (R.I.P.) face tattooed on his left arm. So much for that.

I’ve also managed to catch some bits of Addison Groove‘s set at Pratersauna but he was almost finished playing when we got there (plus it was 5 am already), so I can’t really say much about that except that his set seemed to range from 90 BPM to 140 and I liked that.

I’m not entirely sure yet why I decided to start this article with the last artist I saw last night, but it looks like I’ll have to last night’s story in reversed chronological order. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives were playing their last show ever yesterday at Flex, which more or less set the course for the concert as you could feel that both the audience and the band were aware of this fact for the entire time and tried to have as good a time as possible. After one hour of amazing psychedelic-fueled rock n roll they played an encore of almost another full hour – a last show fit for kings.

Toy live at Flex.

The first two bands I saw yesterday were Sea & Air and Fenster (above photo), both from Germany. Both shows were sort of special because the bands were playing for a small audience on a boat going upstream the Danube right as the sun was setting, creating an intimate atmosphere that a club could never be able to provide.

Waves Vienna, one more time!

Photo credits. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Richard Taylor. Toy: Patrick Münnich. Fenster: Simone Eilmsteiner.