Oct 2012
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Meanwhile On Monday

It’s Monday morning, I’m still in recovery mode (mainly thanks to Waves Vienna) and there are 2354 unread emails in my inbox. Before I even start reading these, here’s a quick round-up of what you might have missed the past few days.

On the free download front, Disco Demons resident Mistereric has recently finished an amazing remix for Killtronik’s Paris La Nuit, and Vienna based Roquestar is giving away a Pussy Riot inspired track called Fuck You Putin. Speaking of Pussy Riot, there’s this new Peaches track produced by Boys Noize. La Bombe label boss Sharooz recently introduced his latest project called Vails, with two slow, dark techno tunes coming up on Fool’s Gold. If you’re already in the mood for some bangers, Harvard Bass and SonicC have some big tunage for you to bang your head to. If you’re not, better check out Virgin Magnetic Material’s outstanding remix of Led Zeppelin’s Whola Lotta Love.

Free download: