Oct 2012
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Employee Of The Year – Gallery

Oh those Frenchies. Has anyone ever heard of bad music coming out of France? I don’t think so. (In fact I still have this theory involving excessive consumption of fromage de roquefort but I haven’t been able to scientifically prove that yet – that’s another story, though.)

Remember Super Commodore? I blogged about this guy from Paris about two years ago, so if you haven’t heard of him now would be a good time to take a listen. Anyways, he has teamed up with a second guy (that I have little information about, to be honest) for a new project called Employee Of The Year, and what can I say – after hearing only one track I think it’s already safe to say that they’re one of the hottest acts hailing from France right now to keep an eye on!

Their first masterpiece Gallery is an epic opus of 10 minutes, combining synth wave sounds with classic elements of French electronic music (I think you all know what I’m talking about here). Slow, atmospheric and dramatic, Gallery takes you on an aural journey into a world of machines and guitars, cold synthesized sounds and warm chord harmonies. For the entire duration of ten minutes it keeps you enchanted and as soon as it’s over you’re somehow forced to replay it again, bringing yourself under its charm for another ten minutes. I’m in love!